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especially from Universities and Research Centers, it also generates knowledge. Some works published or communicated by professionals that work in the company’s technological reas are listed here and may be accessed as PDF files.

Analysis of wear of cemented carbide cutting tools during milling operation of gray iron and compacted graphite iron | English [PDF] 580 kb

Compacted Graphite Iron for Diesel Engine Cylinder Blocks | English [PDF] 3.359 kb

Fatigue strength of gray iron and compacted graphite iron used for engine cylinder blocks | English [PDF] 1.851 kb

Producing As-Cast Ferritic Nodular Iron for Safety Applications | English [PDF] 336 kb

Production Experience With Compacted Graphite Iron Automotive Components | English [PDF] 2.238 kb

Study of the Machinability of Compacted Graphite Iron for Drilling Process | English [PDF] 1,78 mb

Thermal Conductivity of gray iron and compacted graphite iron used for cylinder heads | English [PDF] 608 kb

Wear resistance of cast irons used in brake disc rotors | English [PDF] 150 kb